1. Sara: *look at all of you embarrassing fuckers. Like can you not*
Tegan: *smiles*
2. Sara: *keep smiling… keep smiling… Oh shit I have to pee*
Tegan: *smiles*
3. Sara: *is that the girl I once hooked up wi- yep that’s her ohshit*
Tegan: *smiles*
4. Sara: *look at all of you.. Taking pictures of me because I’m a bad bitch. That’s right, snap away fuckers*
Tegan: *smiles*



Michelle Rodriguez laying down truths

That third gif also sums up the reason why so many queer women in fiction get treated like shit and why we barely get acknowledged as existing at all

These pathetic excuses for writers have no idea how to write a woman who doesn’t want to fuck a man

  • Sara: You have a clogged sinus or something, something is wrong with you .
  • Tegan: Yeah, its called you!